When we meet Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, it’s been some time since he was shot out into space and landed on Sakaar. He’s been in his Hulk form for quite a while, having not changed back into Bruce Banner since he landed, so it makes sense that he might look a little different. One of the concept artists for Marvel Studios recently shared a few of Hulk’s prospective #looks for the movie, and you might want to sit down for this.

Artist Ryan Meinerding took to Twitter to share a few different styles they considered for Hulk before settling on a variation of his usual short haircut. They were this close to giving him a beard and some truly luscious locks, which, really, would make sense for a creature who probably isn‘t that jazzed about sitting down every few months for a trim. Imagine trying to convince Hulk to get a haircut.

There are also a couple other looks here, including a shaved one closer to how he looks in the movie, a mohawk, and one that’s a little shaggier.

I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly bring a razor that close to Hulk’s head, but, then again, they managed to cut the God of Thunder’s hair, so I guess barbers on Sakaar are used to styling the rowdiest creatures in the galaxy.

At least Captain America has that amazing beard now.

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