'Thor: The Dark World' doesn't open until later this year, but fans have been wondering when we'll get our first chance to see a trailer for the second adventure of Marvel's Mighty Avenger. The new buzz (and it makes too much sense to not be true) is that we'll see it attached to 'Iron Man 3.'

This news has been making the rounds online for a while but now it seems to be confirmed by, of all places, a new 'Iron Man 3' Spanish poster (via Comic Book News) which advertises an "exclusive preview" that will play with the film. For all we know, this is referring only to international screenings of the film, but that would be foolish. If you're going through the trouble of attaching a 'Thor: The Dark World' trailer to 'Iron Man 3' prints around the world, why not do it domestically?

Pairing the 'Thor: The Dark World' trailer with 'Iron Man 3' is a bit like preaching to the choir: everyone who sees one is surely going to see the other. However, there's no reason for Marvel and Disney to not take advantage of audiences who are going to soak up every image from every 'Avengers'-related film out there.

'Iron Man 3' opens on May 3 and 'Thor: The Dark World' opens on November 8. Stick with us as we'll have the first 'Thor 2' trailer when it comes available.