Tim Burton is still planning on making that 'Pinocchio' movie, but before you roll your eyes too hard, at least he's hired a talented writer for the project: Jane Goldman.

According to THR, Warner Bros. and Tim Burton are moving ahead with their take on 'Pinocchio,' starring Robert Downey Jr. as Geppetto, the man who creates a marionette boy that dreams of becoming real. The site is quick to note that the studio hasn't signed any agreements with Burton or Downey Jr., but hiring writer Jane Goldman may get things moving along much quicker.

Another Tim Burton take on a classic story that's already been done to death? Ugh. Robert Downey Jr. starring in a Tim Burton movie? Would've been better news 20 years ago. But Jane Goldman -- now that's something interesting. Goldman is a British author, best known for her work as director Matthew Vaughn's writing partner, and has provided him with scripts for 'Stardust,' 'Kick-Ass,' and 'X-Men: First Class.' She also wrote the script for 'The Woman in Black,' based on the novel by Susan Hill. Goldman has a pretty solid track record, while Burton's output since 'Sleepy Hollow' has been questionable, to say the least.

Sure, 'Frankenweenie' was cute, and about as close as Burton has gotten to being the Burton we liked in years, but his last live-action feature, 'Dark Shadows,' was, for lack of a better comparison, a garbage dump. So while hiring a good writer is certainly good news for Burton, we're not sure that working with Burton is exactly good news for Goldman.

The story of 'Pinocchio' originates with the Italian story by Carlo Collodi, but its most notable interpretation was the 1940 Disney animated feature. Italian director Roberto Benigni also notoriously directed a live-action version in 2002.

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