Tom Hanks is making the most of all the Sully buzz: earlier today, it was revealed that Hanks has written a script for a movie called Greyhound, and also hopes to star in the picture if he can get it picked up. Aaron Schneider (director of Get Low and director of photography for Titanic) has signed on to direct.

According to Deadline, Hanks will play a career Navy officer given command of a destroyer in World War II, who “fights his self doubts and personal demons to prove he belongs.” The title of the film comes from the name of the battleship. The real-life HMS Greyhound protected convoys in the Mediterranean Sea against attacks from the Italian fleet, and was sunk by Stuka dive-bombers in 1941.

The project so far only has Hanks and Schneider signed on, and probably won’t be bought at this year’s ongoing TIFF, but with a name like Tom Hanks attached and the rave reviews and probable box office success of Sully this weekend, who wouldn’t want a deal like this?

Hanks’ next film after Sully sees him returning to his role as symbologist Robert Langdon for Inferno, which is directed by Ron Howard and hits theaters October 28.

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