As most of you are aware, Tomorrowland was a concept created by Walt Disney, as a platform to showcase the innovations of tomorrow that would benefit future generations. We know that Disney himself (or a fictional version, anyway) is involved in the new Tomorrowland movie, which means there should be some fun connections for longtime fans of his theme parks and classic television specials. New featurettes explore some of those connections, along with what a place like Tomorrowland stands for.

The above featurette comes from Mashable and features the cast and filmmakers discussing Disney’s vision of Tomorrowland. George Clooney aptly explains it as a “utopian version of what we at our best could be.” Disney was quite taken with futuristic concepts and the development of new technologies that could help create a better future — and that’s a big theme in the Tomorrowland film, as showcased in the featurette below.

The first Tomorrowland theme park attraction opened way back in 1955, and has undergone many changes in the decades since, though it still stands as a monument to Disney’s hopes and dreams. Those ideas are present in the film, as well as an ambitious version of the futuristic utopia.

From Disney comes two-time Oscar winner Brad Bird’s riveting, mystery adventure Tomorrowland, starring Academy Award winner George Clooney. Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius Frank (Clooney), jaded by disillusionment, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as Tomorrowland. What they must do there changes the world — and them — forever.

Tomorrowland also stars Hugh Laurie, Judy Greer, Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key, and arrives on May 22.