2012 marks the 30th Anniversary of the release of Steven Spielberg's 'E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,' and the hundred year anniversary of Universal Studios. To celebrate this, Universal has been releasing some of their biggest and most important titles on Blu-ray. 'E.T.' will be coming this fall, and now there's a trailer.

Here's the tentative artwork, courtesy of Blu-ray.com:


Though it may not be the final artwork, the film's advertising hasn't changed much over the last thirty years, so it will likely be some variation on the fingers, the moon and the flying bicycle.

It's worth noting that the trailer shows something all fans should be happy to see: guns instead of walkie-talkies. As we understand this Blu-ray release will not contain the 20th Anniversary cut, which featured some digital tinkering. Spielberg has said that he regrets that version.

There's also mention of hours of bonus footage. Likely this will have the same feature-length documentary that graced the laserdisc. The big question is if Spielberg will relent and allow the disc to have the deleted footage that has only been included in the laserdisc box set. This is worth having, if only because it features a cameo by Harrison Ford as the school's principal.

The set is due sometime this fall, along with Spielberg's 'Jaws.' Time to buy the White Album again.

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