The trend of major movies rebooting as TV series seems to have fallen behind the current crop of revivals, but we may yet have a late entry into the former, one King Kong has nothing on. A new report says Antoine Fuqua and Jerry Bruckheimer are developing a Training Day TV series eyed for one of the major networks, albeit with a casting twist.

Per Deadline, the new iteration being pitched to the core four broadcast networks will be written by Will Beall, with Fuqua executive producing, and likely directing the pilot episode. Suicide Squad director David Ayer wrote the original film, which saw Denzel Washington as a corrupt L.A. detective, and Ethan Hawke as his fledgling partner.

While the new series would focus on the relationship between the two, taking place in a modern 2015, the premise may end up tweaked to have the older officer Caucasian, and the young rookie African-American.

It isn’t a terrible stretch to imagine what a Training Day TV series might look like, given the abundance of corrupt L.A. cop dramas (though one wonders if the series could take place over a literal day, a la 24), but how might we envision Antoine Fuqua’s new adaptation? Watch the original trailer below.

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