It’s no secret that Judd Apatow really finds his movies in post-production, where he can sift through dozens of variations of the same joke and find the one that sings. Trainwreck is the result of a screenplay and countless hours of riffing, where the script was thrown away after take two and the actors were simply allowed to try out different lines. We can safely assume that a lot of them didn’t work, but what about the countless one-liners and exchanges that were funny but not “final cut funny”? Those are the lines that get edited into hilarious outtake videos and released online.

Best watched after you’ve already seen Trainwreck (although it won’t spoil anything too big), the video showcases stars Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, and Lebron James as they riff through scenes and crack each other up. We could watch Schumer ramble off various different names for a large penis all day. Heck, we’d watch an entire reel of James and Hader cracking each other up. The most surprising thing about all of this remains James – he’s not an amazing actor, but he’s a charming screen presence who’s funny in the movie and funny in this video. In fact, his enthusiastic endorsement of Cleveland in the video is funnier than many of the jokes in the final movie.

Trainwreck is in theaters now (and it’s very funny).

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