With Spider-Man: Homecoming due July 7 and star Tom Holland teasing the possibility of two more sequels for this latest iteration of the web-head, the franchise’s future has become a topic of interest. And no detail fascinates comic book fans quite so much as villainous personnel; Spidey’s many disciples will always be curious to learn which face from the hero’s extensive, colorful rogues gallery will get a big-screen treatment. And while today did not bring confirmation of anything that will happen, it did bring confirmation of one thing that definitely won’t.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige took to Facebook Live yesterday for a conversation with French movies website AlloCiné (not to be confused with our French sister site, Le Crush du Cinema) about what coming years may bring into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Around the ten-minute mark of this video, Feige says in no uncertain terms that Venom will not make its way into the MCU any time soon. Reaffirming that the intellectual property belongs to Sony (the studio that recently announced plans for a Venom solo film starring Tom Hardy) and that he had no plans to integrate the homicidal alien symbiote, Feige nipped any hope of a Venom/Hulk showdown right in the bud.

This isn’t necessarily good or bad news. Keeping the Sony and Marvel worlds separate from one another could prevent the sort of narrative convolutions that have recently weighted down Marvel’s crossovers, and Spider-Man’s already made his safe entry into the MCU. Besides, it’s not as if Spidey needs Venom, seeing as the character only has six dozen more enemies to choose from. Maybe it’s time to finally give the nefarious Leap-Frog a shot on the big screen?

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