Everyone knows that standby argument that the M in MTV used to stand for "music," before then name lost all meaning and became a haven for reality TV and youth programming, so is VH1 doomed to follow the same path?  According to the latest report, the network might 'Bounce' on its music focus as well.

That's right, Deadline TV reports that VH1 will make its first foray into original scripted  pilot drama, having already played host to a number of reality TV series over the years.  'Bounce,' set to follow the lives and loves of a team of professional basketball dancers stars Taylour Paige as Asha, a sheltered young woman who joins the squad against the wishes of her mother, who was previously a dancer herself.

'The Adventures of Lois & Clark' star Dean Cain will play the basketball team's coach, while Valery Ortiz and Katherine Bailess will play two of the dancers, single mother Raquel and former stripper Kyle.  Written by James LaRosa, directed by Sanaa Hamri, executive produced by Maggie Malina, James LaRosa and VH1′s Jill Holmes and Jeff Olde, 'Bounce' technically represents the second original series for VH1 after Queen Latifah's 'Single Ladies,' though that series didn't go through the pilot stage instead originating as a TV movie.

Sounds like it might be worth keeping an eye on, but are you ready for the coming onslaught of scripted drama to hit VH1?  When's the last time you even watched a music video?  Tell us what you think of 'Bounce' in the comments below!

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