The mystery that plagued the internet for one whole day has now been solved.

On Monday night Dwayne Johnson took to Facebook to do what we all use Facebook for, ranting and venting about things that piss us of. Johnson posted a status calling out his  male Fast 8 co-stars, calling them "candy asses" who are "too chicken shit" to act professional and confront him. The world wondered collectively who Johnson's beef was with and as it turns out, one of the mystery candy asses was reportedly co-star Vin Diesel, surprisingly no one, really.

According to TMZ, Johnson and Diesel weren't getting along during the film's production. The site reports that Diesel's decisions as a producer didn't always sit well with Johnson. The two reportedly met on the film's Atlanta set on Tuesday to finally talk things out, something that ideally should happen before actors post emotional Facebook statuses, but you know, Hollywood!

It's unclear if the two have made up yet, but let's not forget that Johnson called out plural candy asses. A source told E! News that the actor had some issues with and reportedly "snapped" at some of his other male cast members as well. Can someone get all the Fast 8 guys in one room together and make them talk about their feelings? I'm sure Helen Mirren could facilitate a nice little therapy session. Fast 8 opens April 14, 2017.

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