It was one of the funniest stories to come out of Comic-Con: 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston commissioned a latex mask of his own face so he could walk around the convention floor as Walter White. And now, if you're looking for perhaps the greatest Halloween costume ever, you can own that very same mask, autographed by Cranston himself!

The mask, made out of a material called "HyperFlesh" by an artist named Landon Meier, is currently up for sale on eBay and may be one of the best collectibles currently available for 'Breaking Bad' fans. Maybe a first for an eBay auction, the sale comes with this hilarious note: "Mask was made-out with by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul."

Sadly, a classic piece of memorabilia like this doesn't come cheap. The auction as of press time has 96 bids with an a current top bid of $24,350. For that kind of money, you're probably going to want to keep this in a glass case and not wear it around the neighborhood collecting bite-size Snickers in a pillowcase, but you eventually do with the mask is your own prerogative.

Take a look at a clip from 'The Late Show With David Letterman' where Cranston reveals his mask-wearing prank, plus some video from his walk on the floor and encounters with unsuspecting Comic-Con attendees. If you've got a couple thousand dollars just sitting around, you can bid on the actual mask here.

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