What’s in blue milk? Since 1977 and the original Star Wars, fans have wondered: Just where did this curious concoction come from? And what does it taste like? When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s new Star Wars themed land, finally opens, fans will at last get the answers they seek.

Entertainment Weekly and Disney Parks Blog has lots of new details about Galaxy’s Edge, including the many food and beverage options that will be available for visitors to “Baatu,” the alien planet where Galaxy’s Edge supposedly takes place. In a stand called “Ronto Roasters” you can eat the meat of various aliens that have supposedly been cooked in a repurposed podracing engine. At “Kat Saka’s Kettle,” you can get different flavors of popcorn (but, like, space popcorn). Most important by far, at the “Milk Stand” you can get yourself a tall glass of blue milk.

So what the heck is it? Disney Imagineering executive Scott Trowbridge told EW it’s not milk, adding “if you’re walking around Florida in the middle of August, the last thing you want is, uh, a huge glass of milk.”

Here are the real ingredients:

The blue milk is actually plant-based dairy — essentially rice milk — which makes it easier for everyone to enjoy, even the lactose intolerant. And it’s soft-frozen, like a milkshake. Galaxy’s Edge beverage director Brian Koziol says it has been sweetened and infused with berry and melon flavors. “It’s a lot like a smoothie.”

Oh and remember when Luke Skywalker milked that weird alien in The Last Jedi? Yeah you do...

That’s apparently a different “green milk” beverage which will also be on sale at the parks, and tastes like “ lemon and other citrus flavoring.” Sadly, you do not get to milk the alien yourself, although that would make for a heck of a photo op.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland and Walt Disney World later this year.

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