Wonder Woman spoilers ahead!

We’ve known for some time that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie would take place in two time periods: modern day and World War I. But, what if that modern day time period, wasn’t exactly modern day. As it turns out, the Wonder Woman movie will actually serve as a prequel to Batman vs. Superman, taking place before the events of that movie and introducing Diana to Batman for the first time.

JoBlo, hot off their scoop that Mark Ruffalo would be returning as The Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, have some new details today on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie directed by Patty Jenkins. There are a lot of details in their report, including confirming Ares and Circe as the film’s main villains, but the most interesting is that Wonder Woman will take place before Batman vs. Superman. Even more interesting, is that Ben Affleck will appear in the film as Batman and, after watching her during her climactic battle with Circe, will establish a relationship that will continue into Batman vs. Superman.

While it’s been reported that the film will split between those two time periods, JoBlo says that it really won’t be an even split, with much of the action taking place in “modern day” with only a few flashbacks to Diana’s World War I era.

Affleck has already shot a cameo for Suicide Squad, and if Warner Bros. really wants to launch this new Justice League franchise, they’re going to have to closely model the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where your favorite heroes pop up here and there to help introduce new heroes.

In addition to Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman will also star Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Eva Green and Sean Bean were previously rumored to be playing Cerci and Ares, respectively, but the JoBlo report could not confirm whether either actor had signed on for those roles. Filming on Wonder Woman is expected to begin later this year.

Check out the full report from JoBlo including news on whether the Invisible Jet will make an appearance and overall details from the film’s plot.

Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 23, 2017.

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