UPDATE: Variety is confirming that Michelle MacLaren is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct their 'Wonder Woman' movie. Original story below...

In what is probably the best rumor of the week already, Warner Bros. has apparently got their collective studio eyes on Michelle MacLaren to direct their upcoming 'Wonder Woman' movie. MacLaren is best known for her work on television, where she's directed some of the most riveting episodes of 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Thrones,' so she knows a thing or two about action and what makes for a compelling, complex character.

The rumor comes from Latino Review, and we hope it's true: Apparently, Michelle MacLaren is currently the top choice to direct WB's first 'Wonder Woman' solo film, which is slated to be the first in a trilogy, with the first movie taking place on the hero's home of Paradise Island, long before she ever meets the Justice League.

MacLaren is incredibly talented and made her directorial debut with the "John Doe" episode of 'The X-Files' before becoming a producer on the series. In recent years, she's worked as a director and executive producer on 'Breaking Bad,' and has directed episodes of 'Game of Thrones,' as well as the "Cairo" episode of 'The Leftovers.'

She's one of the most talked about female directors, and yet, she hasn't landed a feature directing gig. We put her on our list of women who we think are perfect for 'Wonder Woman,' and obviously, if this rumor is true (please be true!), WB sees everything we see in her.

'Wonder Woman' hits theaters on June 23, 2017.

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