Just the other day, we heard Steven Spielberg and George Lucas discuss an upcoming radical shift in the way movie theaters operate and today, we have what may be our first glimpse at this crazy future. In conjunction with next week's release of 'World War Z,' Paramount has introduced the concept of a "Mega Ticket." Here's how it works: you pay $50 to see the new Brad Pitt zombie blockbuster and you get a whole bunch of goodies, food and souvenirs along with the screening. But, do you think it's worthwhile?

For those $50, a 'World War Z' Mega Ticket will get you into the movie two days early, one small popcorn, a pair of limited edition 3D glasses, a limited edition movie poster and a HD download of the film once it hits DVD and Blu-ray. In other words, you may be paying a lot, but you're getting something back for it too.

It's a nice idea and it's something that we can see catching on with a certain segment of the moviegoing population (i.e., the hardcore film geeks). However, there's one immediate problem with this whole plan: what if the movie stinks? What if you pay $50 to see 'World War Z' and don't like the movie? Not only are you out all of that money, you're now stuck with a poster and a digital copy of a movie you don't care for. This kind of plan seems to depend on people knowing in advance that they will like a movie and that's not always how going to the movies works.

However, if this sounds like something up your alley (or if you just know you're going to love 'World War Z'), you can see if there's a participating theater in your area. If you want additional details, you can find those over here.

'World War Z' hits theaters on June 21st, 2013. What do you think? Would you buy a Mega Ticket for this?