It may be a long time coming before Fox Mulder and Dana Scully ever grace the screen for a third installment in the 'X-Files' movie franchise, but series creator Chris Carter is no slouch. Carter has gone deep into working on a follow-up apocalyptic drama pilot to debut on Amazon for its second development season, and we have an epic first look at 'The After' right here!

Though relatively little has emerged of the hush-hush pilot to date, we know Carter will present 'The After' as a pilot for Amazon's next round of development, which fans will again vote on to decide what pilots will be given series orders. Via Entertainment Weekly's first look, 'The After' at least has a rather impressive scope, showing a massive crowd attempting to flee an unknown event, while a woman petitions a police officer for assistance in all the chaos.

Certainly, we can spy a few 'X-Files' and 'LOST'-like elements in all the commotion, be it in mysterious background figures, the woman's claims of needing a specific officer's help, and a sense of wonton destruction, but 'Zombieland' at least taught us that even the best Amazon premises can quickly fall short.

We'll keep our ear to the ground for future reveals of 'The After,' but check out Chris Carter's new pilot above in the meantime, and tell us in the comments what you want to see from Amazon's next round of original series!

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