'RoboCop' reboots the classic sci-fi flick, seeing city cop Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) brutally injured, only to be revived as a half-human, half-robot cyborg. Now in 2028 Detroit, where a controversy over robots wages, RoboCop has to deal with a whole-new bevy of issues while using his newfound abilities to right wrongs.

  • Release Date: February 7, 2014
  • Director: José Padilha
  • Written By: Nick Schenk, Joshua Zetumer & James Vanderbilt


Hugh Laurie to Boss Around ‘Robocop?’
Most of the latest casting for the upcoming remake 'Robocop' has focused on the new characters, from Gary Oldman's creator, to Samuel L. Jackson's entertainment tycoon. Though we don't expect it to be a scene-for-scene remake, we're curious how much of it will reflect t…
Samuel L. Jackson Joins ‘Robocop’ Remake
Having worked at 'Jurassic Park,' having brought the team together in 'The Avengers' and having wielded a purple lightsaber in 'Star Wars,' it's only fitting that Samuel L. Jackson would add another science fiction/fantasy classic to his resume. Jackson is joining …
So Wait, This RoboCop Statue is Actually Happening?
We all got a good laugh last year when a few enterprising fans took to the internet with their idea to build a statue of RoboCop in the character's hometown of Detroit. (Philadelphia has a 'Rocky' statue, they argued.) The online campaign raised of $65,000 dollars but, as the Kickstarter page notes:…