28 Days Later is famous for those incredible shots of an abandoned London, as one of the last surviving uninfected men in the city, played by Cillian Murphy, wanders around in a daze. To achieve these scenes, director Danny Boyle worked with the police to close off small stretches of streets and roads for about an hour at a time. The shot of Murphy wandering past a demolished double-decker bus was accomplished in just 20 minutes. That’s one of the amazing facts featured in the newest episode of You Think You Know Movies!

28 Days Later also went down in horror movie legend because of its unique approach to zombies. Instead of shuffling braindead hordes like the Night of the Living Dead series, the people infected with 28 Days Later’s “rage virus” were fast and vicious. To make his zombies particularly scary, Boyle cast athletes as his zombies, figuring their slightly superhuman feats would make their zombies seems extra powerful and creepy. It definitely worked, and inspired a whole new wave of zombie movies with fast-moving creatures.

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