Liz Lemon would be proud.  With the final season of '30 Rock' now six episodes into its run, the home stretch seems imminent.  And amidst life-changing announcements and and endless array of returning guest stars, there's always room for new ones, right?  Thankfully yes, as we've just learned that 'LOST' vet and occasional 'Fringe' guest star Rebecca Mader is set for an appearance in one of the final episodes, but who might she play?  Who from TGS will she have feeling 'LOST?'

'LOST' may be long over, but '30 Rock' hasn't had any trouble finding its latest guest star.  TVLine reports that one-time Island resident Charlotte Lewis Rebecca Mader has booked herself a gig on the final season of '30 Rock,' currently airing on NBC.

Having guested in other genre-friendly series such as 'Fringe' and 'White Collar,' the former 'LOST' star will next play "a temptress, of sorts," appearing in the final 6 episodes.  Might she represent a new love interest for Jack Donaghy?  What about Kenneth, now that Hazel Wassername has fallen by the wayside?

To date, '30 Rock's final season has featured the likes of Matthew Broderick and Bryan Cranston, with Dean Winters' Dennis Duffy due to return in the next few weeks, amidst a myriad of likely returning guest stars.  Now that Rebecca Mader has joined, tell us who you'd like to see in the final season of '30 Rock' below!