After the massive success of his directorial debut, 'Ted,' 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane had the clout to make pretty much whatever he wanted for his second feature. A Western comedy called 'A Million Ways to Die in the West' probably wasn't the easiest project to push through development (the difficult word for the studio must have been "Western"), but we've got to commend MacFarlane for making a film that appears to be significantly different than his previous work. The first image from the film has arrived online, and it features three things that we can't wait to see and one that we're very unsure about.

The first is the wonderful and multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris, wearing an awesome suit and an even more awesome mustache. Next to him is the lovely and talented Amanda Seyfried, whose presence has never harmed a film. Across from that duo is Charlize Theron, an Oscar winner and truly underrated comedienne. And finally, we get to the one part of the film that seems like a real wild card: MacFarlane himself in the lead role. Sure, he voices many of the main characters on his TV shows and he provided the voice for the title character in 'Ted,' but we have no idea if he's capable of actually leading a live-action film, especially when he's surrounded by genuine movie stars.


MacFarlane plays a cowardly farmer who teams up with a gunslinger's wife (Theron) to win back the heart of his lady love (Seyfried), who has left him for Harris and his terrific 'stache. Liam Neeson is also in the mix, playing a villainous outlaw.

'A Million Ways to Die in the West' opens on May 30, 2014. We imagine a trailer will be arriving soon.