Studios have been extremely good at keeping secrets lately. Recently, we had Netflix’s Beyonce-like drop of the unannounced The OA, which spread some ripples but didn’t seem to make many waves. The streaming service hasn’t offered an explanation as to why they decided to not provide the show with any advertisement, but its an intriguing business model nonetheless. Today, the studio A24 released what looks like a trailer for a project called simply “Untitled.”

There’s not much to the “trailer,” if it even is a trailer, apart from some shots of people looking at things overlaid with pairs of words. It reads like the worst ever buzzword-filled advertising presentation — “Realize feeling”? “Change identity”? What does it mean? But if mysterious advertisement for some futuristic service is the idea, it does have me intrigued. I’d be willing to give this project another look if a full-length trailer or a movie is announced.

The only explanation offered by the studio is the description, “In our near future,” which is actually apt in a lot of ways, since this movie or whatever it is looks like it’s set in the near future — see: all those Black Mirror-esque screens and those weird blue pod things — and the project will no doubt be coming to us within the next few months or year or so, because that’s… how time works. Whatever it is, count us excited, because A24’s movies (which include The VVitch, Swiss Army Man, Ex Machina, Moonlight) have been fantastic so far.

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