It's a combination of talent that's bound to give film fans of certain tastes an instant headache. According to The Wrap, Adam Sandler and Kevin James have been cast in director Chris Columbus' 'Pixels,' which will find the very popular comics defending the world from an invasion of '80s video game characters. Call it 'Wreck It Ralph' meets 'Godzilla.'  We'll just call it "Oh, no. Why is this happening?"

If our cynicism feels unearned, just remember that Sandler is one of the laziest superstar actors working today who can't even be bothered to phone in a film anymore. And, remember that Columbus' last two films were the painfully dull 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief' and the truly unbearable 'I Love You, Beth Cooper.' On top of all of that, note that 'Pixels' is based on a cute, one-joke short film that doesn't even have time for a proper narrative. Make it stop!

But, back to business. Sandler is the first official thespian attached to the project, but the production is pursuing Jennifer Aniston, who co-starred with Sandler in 'Just Go With It,' for the female lead. Frequent Sandler cohort Kevin James and 'Frozen' alum Josh Gad are in talks for supporting roles. The Wrap suggests that the main characters of the film are video game experts who are recruited by the government to deal with the video game threat.

Tim Dowling's current script was written to be a big-budget comedy adventure "in the vein of 'Ghostbusters'," so expect a lot of yelling and screaming and special effects. And, because it's an Adam Sandler joint, expect at least one iconic video game character to fart.