'American Horror Story: Freak Show' has proven a curiosity unto itself, not only by today's addition of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, but by the return of Naomi Grossman's 'Asylum' character Pepper. Now, the future Briarcliff inmate will have some 'Freak Show' company later on it seems, as Lily Rabe has been confirmed to reprise her 'Asylum' role as Sister Mary Eunice!

Per Entertainment Weekly, former franchise star Rabe will appear in the 'Freak Show''s 10th installment, the show's winter 2014 finale, overseeing the transfer of Pepper to her eventual 'Asylum' home. Given that 'Freak Show' currently takes place in 1952, compared to 'Asylum''s 1964 beginnings, we wouldn't be surprised if a time jump helped explain the presence of the youthful Sister Mary Eunice, who we well-remember from 'Asylum' to have her own dark future ahead.

Previously, 'Freak Show' had presented the first season without Rabe in at least some capacity, as previous seasons featured the actress as 'Murder House' matron Nora Montgomery, as well as the Stevie Nicks-loving Misty Day in 'Coven.' 'Freak Show' has also maintained a unique status as the only 'American Horror Story' season to cross over with a previous iteration, as had been established with Naomi Grossman's Pepper.

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' will continue with tonight's Halloween continuation "Edward Mordrake, Part 2," but what do you think? Do the 'Asylum' crossovers strengthen 'Freak Show''s allure for you, or would you rather see Lily Rabe return as an all-new character? Check out the latest preview below, and give us your predictions for the FX horror drama!

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