Straight on the heels of the news that Jessica Lange would be front and center for 'American Horror Story' season 2, Ryan Murphy has some more terrifyingly good news for us!

Deadline TV reports that not only will first-season 'American Horror Story' guest star Zachary Quinto be present for the show's rebooted second season, but take one of the lead roles as well!  Those familiar with the series best remember Quinto as Chad Warwick, one half of the malevolent couple of former owners to the Harmon's home and originator of the infamous rubber suit.

Of course, along with the rebooted second season Quinto will plan an entirely new character, one of two male leads, only as-yet revealed to be an antagonistic role of Jessica Lange's character.  Other faces from season 1 will return as new characters in regular roles as well, to be announced at tonight's 'American Horror Story' PaleyFest panel in Beverly Hills.

The only other details available of ‘American Horror Story’ season 2 are that the action will take place on the East Coast, within some kind of “horror institution.”  Like we've said, descriptive.

In addition to 'American Horror Story', Quinto is perhaps most recognizable from both J.J. Abrams 'Star Trek' reboot (as well as its upcoming sequel) and another majorly villainous role in that of 'Heroes' super-powered serial killer Sylar / Gabriel Gray.

Spooky-spooky, 'American Horror Story' fans!  With Ryan Murphy clearly picking and choosing the most colorful performances from the first season for new roles, who can we expect of the three to be announced tonight?  Denis O'Hare?  Mena Suvari?  That guy who appeared in the background of that episode, that one time?  The sky's the limit!

Give us your casting picks for 'American Horror Story' Season 2, and stay tuned for further announcements from tonight's panel!