Last night's 'American Horror Story: Asylum' episode "Spilt Milk" burned through enough drama and insanity to have been a season finale, let alone that two more episodes remain until all the alien abductions and asylum madness come to light. Last week's "The Name Game" purportedly teased the location and setting of the inevitable 'American Horror Story' season 3, but did this week offer up any new hints? Series creator Ryan Murphy speaks out on what you might have missed from 'American Horror Story' season 3 inside!

Viewers are understandably baffled how 'American Horror Story: Asylum' will continue on for two more episodes, despite either killing off the majority of its villains or liberating its characters from the titular Briarcliff asylum. Still, the even bigger question remains of where 'American Horror Story' season 3 will take us, continually teased by unknown clues within the most recent episodes.

Series creator Ryan Murphy spoke with Entertainment Weekly about last night's "Spilt Milk," revealing that the episode contained even more clues toward the third season, a practice to be continued into the final two episodes as well:

I’ve been reading a lot of the theories and there’s another great clue in tonight’s episode. But I don’t think anyone has completely gotten it because it’s not just one thing. My favorite one was that the third season of American Horror Story is the last season of Dexter, which I thought was brilliant.

There’s another clue [in "Spilt Milk"] and there’s a really big clue next week. I’m not saying [what]. But last week the clue was very brief and this week is very brief. But yeah they’re in there.

We've heard a number of theories of our own from fans, everything from a take on the Salem Witch Trials to the Garden of Eden, but this is the first we've heard of a 'Dexter' connection. Regardless of season 3, how will the insanity of season 2 come to an end in the next few episodes?

Murphy explained that the next episode would answer quite a bit about the modern-day Bloody Face (Dylan McDermott) including whether or not Lana stuck around to raise him and whether he'd come to fully utilize his father's "workspace" dungeon downstairs from the home. The next episode "Continuum" will also move forward a bit through time, unfolding over four character-centric arcs and delving deeper into the alien mystery with Kit.

You can read the full interview with Murphy over at EW, but in the meantime what say you? Have you found any additional clues about 'American Horror Story' season 3? How do you think the current season will play out? Check out a trailer for  next week's penultimate episode "Continuum" below, and give us your 'American Horror Story' predictions in the comments!