Last November, Ryan Murphy revealed that every season of his American Horror Story anthology series was connected. Fans of the FX series preceded to freak out and then speculate all the possible connections – and there are many.

So far the show has made minor call backs to previous seasons and reprised characters, first between Freak Show and Asylum and most recently with AHS: Hotels flashback to Matt Ross’ Dr. Charles Montgomery from Murder House. But there have to be more clues that connect all five seasons in a bigger way, right? Right.

In a new video, we highlight six major theories that connect the dots from Murder House to Hotel. There’s the well-known Dante’s Inferno theory, the repeated use of surnames, the reappearance of a minor character and more. But be warned, many spoilers follow. Maybe it’s all speculation, or maybe we’re getting one step closer to solving Murphy’s massive horror universe. Only the Asylum aliens know the truth.

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