Anger Management’ continues on its 90-episode, two-year run with its 39th overall episode, “Charlie and the Hit and Run,” as Martin's car accident leads him to take drastic measures in hiding his money, while Lacey and her sister, Satine, fight over Nolan.

Previous episode, “Charlie and the Cheating Patient,” saw Charlie beginning to suspect Jen’s boyfriend Sean (Brian Austin Green) of having an affair with Lacey, while Patrick and Ed consoled Nolan when his apartment gets burglarized. So what did the latest episode bring? Were there more laughs to be had in the 39th half-hour of ‘Anger Management,’ or do we feel blindsided?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Anger Management’ episode 39, “Charlie and the Hit and Run”!

Charlie brushes off Jen’s latest business idea of a year-round Thanksgiving food truck, before grimacing at Martin’s presence in his house, stemming from a nearby robbery to his father’s apartment. Later in therapy, Charlie recruits Patrick to take Nolan out for help with his socialization problem, though Patrick’s only interest remains in getting Ed out of his house, for their clashing lifestyles. After therapy, Charlie proposes to Ed that he consider moving in with Martin as a roommate, while Patrick desperately pawns off his Nolan duty to Lacey.

Charlie and Kate observe their latest sex study, taking shots for each orgasm the couple achieves, before realizing that the repeated beeps stem from the printer instead. Meanwhile, Martin drives Ed as the two debate the greatness of Dolly Parton, before the distraction causes Martin to hit an elderly woman. A short while later, Ed insists that the woman was pronounced to be fine, though Martin should consider hiding his money with the family in case of a lawsuit.

Lacey begrudgingly takes Nolan to a club, but quickly grimaces at the sight of her sister Satine, greeting her regardless. Lacey takes the first excuse to socialize elsewhere, while Satine seizes the opportunity to pick up on her sister’s loss, and drags Nolan off upon Lacey’s return. Meanwhile, Martin gathers the family and deceptively bestows upon the family three checks for $35,000, advising them not to spend it for the time being. In a private moment, Charlie suggest to Jen that his father might be up to something, and proposes they spend the money quickly,

The next day in group, Lacey complains that Nolan spent the night ignoring her for her sister, while afterward Charlie attempts to press Ed about his father’s motivation for the money. Ed falls for a bluff and reveals that Martin hit a woman with his car, to which Charlie realizes that Jennifer might have spent her share of the money already. After racing over, Charlie discovers that Jen indeed spent her share on the Thanksgiving food truck, and won’t be able to exchange it back.

Lacey takes Nolan out to the same club in the interest of showing up her sister, which succeeds when Nolan confesses to Satine that his heart belongs to Lacey. Meanwhile, Charlie informs Kate of his plan to confront the victim’s family and hopefully propose a settlement, but Kate advises she come along in the guise of a lawyer to prevent them from taking advantage of his guilt. Once Charlie and Kate visit the family’s home, however, it becomes apparent the woman had dementia and likely jumped in front of the car from her history as a former stuntwoman, and therefore wouldn’t sue.

Ed returns to Martin’s apartment with a guilt bucket of chicken, quickly followed by Charlie, who reveals his knowledge and attempts to scare his father into confessing the truth. When the effort fails, Charlie explains the victim’s dementia, and offers his share of the money back, though Sam’s has gone to a college fund and Jen already spent hers. Meanwhile, Jen desperately attempts to lure customers to her truck, but soon finds herself giving up in frustration.

Last week's episode gave us the impression that 'Anger Management' had largely filmed up to Selma Blair's departure, though it becomes clear from "Charlie and the Hit and Run" that we've not seen the last of the character yet. It seems a shame as well, considering both Charlie and Kate seem to have established a friendly dynamic outside the relationship that so dominated the narrative up to now, but there seems to be plenty of mileage yet in Charlie's relationship with his father.

Once again, we appreciated the nod to continuity in bringing back Lacey's sister from earlier in the season, though the subplot did little to inform any future dynamic between Nolan and Lacey, who two weeks ago were observed to be in  a pseudo relationship, while last week showed her to have regularly been sleeping with Sean (Brian Austin Green). If nothing else, Ed's partnership with Martin made for a decent pairing not yet fully explored.

Did you enjoy the latest from ‘Anger Management’’s ongoing run, or did it make you burn with rage? Join us next week for another all-new ‘Anger Management’ episode recap of “Charlie and the Virgin” on FX!