Anger Management’ continues on its 90-episode, two-year run with its 29th overall episode “Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic,” as Martin plays matchmaker with Charlie and Jen, confusing Kate, while Nolan helps Ed cope with his anger issues.

Last week’s episode “Charlie and the Break-Up Coach” saw Charlie inadvertently advising Jen to become Patrick’s life coach, while Lacey attempted to help Charlie’s father Martin make his ex jealous, so what will the latest episode bring?  Are there more laughs to be had in the twenty-ninth half-hour of ‘Anger Management,’ or does it fail miserably?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Anger Management’ episode 29, “Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic!"

After group, in which Charlie assigns Nolan to be a reluctant Ed’s anger buddy, Charlie observes that his father continually smells like cigarettes, and urges him to quit again. As Kate enters, Charlie points out her work in cognitive behavioral therapy could help Martin quit, though Kate’s only interest lies in returning Charlie’s deodorant, his attempt to breed sleepovers and relationship behavior.

Jen and Sam drop by with their own methods of helping Martin quit smoking, to which Martin points out that Charlie should think about giving Jen another shot. Instead, Charlie asks for Martin’s help in convincing Kate to go away with him for a weekend, by faking plans and having Martin bow out at the last minute. Charlie insists that Kate is his future, not Jen, but Martin says he’ll owe him for the favor.

The next day Charlie meets Martin outside of therapy, and the two fake their way through a story about cancelled plans for Kate’s benefit. Charlie manipulates Kate into volunteering for the weekend getaway, while elsewhere Nolan responds to a call from Ed to help with his anger. Upon arrival, Ed only asks Nolan to sit and drink with him watching sports, lest any angry thoughts about his neighbor’s loud motorcycle return.

After Charlie’s weekend, Martin arrives to call in his favor, asking Charlie to take he and the family to bowling. When Jen enters in an evening gown however, Martin quickly clarifies that he mean an evening at the opera, with Charlie and Jen alone. Later that night, Charlie returns and explains the evening was a disaster, with Jen drunk on limo booze and heckling the singer. In a moment alone, Martin calls Kate and pretends to have a cigarette relapse to force a meeting. Meanwhile, Ed admits to Nolan that he needs someone there so as not to take advantage of his wife’s absence, and flirt with his neighbor in the morning.

The next day in session, Martin thanks Kate for helping him get off cigarettes, but slips in that Charlie and Jen have begun to see one another again. Kate quickly grows flustered, and begins smoking herself, before heading off to Charlie’s. Once there, Kate offers up toiletries for Charlie to use when he sleeps over, affirming their relationship, but Charlie grows suspicious. Meanwhile, Nolan arrives to Ed’s house having overslept, and hears Ed with a woman in his bedroom, but Ed quickly affirms it to be his returned wife, not the neighbor.

Charlie happily informs Martin of Kate’s change of heart, but Martin confesses that he pushed Kate in the direction hoping it would pave the way for Charlie and Jen. Kate overhears, admitting she pursued Charlie for the wrong reasons, and rushes out. Charlie confronts her, as Kate admits she only has space to be Charlie’s friend and therapist for the moment.

Well, we applaud the efforts to place Charlie and Kate's relationship center-stage in a manner that hadn't thoroughly been explored by the series yet, though the A-story winds up feeling awfully manipulative of both Jen and Kate themselves, two exceptionally intelligent characters. Kate's characterization tends to run the gamut, her repressed feelings for Charlie clearly taking their toll, though it might take another episode or so to put tonight's behavior in perspective. As for Nolan and Ed's B-story, the episode offers another unusual pairing similarly unexplored, but per usual devotes too little time to the thread for any fulfilling development.

Did you enjoy the latest from ‘Anger Management’s ongoing run, or did it make you burn with rage? Join us next week for another all-new ‘Anger Management’ episode recap of “Charlie Breaks Up With Kate” on FX!