Well, here we go. ‘Anger Management’ kicks off the beginning of its 90-episode, two-year run with its 11th episode "Charlie Loses It At A Baby Shower, as Charlie enlists Kate's help in re-connecting with his acerbic sister Meredith (Meredith Salinger), while Patrick convinces Ed that his daughter (Jen Kober) might be gay.

Last season’s finale episode  “Charlie Gets Romantic” saw Charlie's relationship with Kate (Selma Blair) jeopardized over an innocent invitation to the movies, while Charlie and Jennifer uncovered a Facebook picture of their daughter Sam kissing another girl, so what will the newest batch of episodes bring?  Are there more laughs to be had in the second run of 'Anger Management,' or does it make us want to lose it?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Anger Management’ season 2 (ish?) premiere, “Charlie Loses It At A Baby Shower!”

After another (passably) successful session with the group, Ed’s daughter Edie (or Ed Jr.) arrives to pick her father up. Displaying all the appearance stereotypes of a lesbian, Patrick and the group snicker that Ed has no idea about his own daughter, but Charlie urges them to keep it to themselves. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Sam arrive bearing a letter from Charlie’s intolerable sister Meredith, who in spite of their poor relationship has invited Charlie to her baby shower.

In his session with Kate, Charlie admits that he and his sister have never opened a positive dialogue, and Kate suggests he go to the shower to patch things up, before their mutual memories of childhood completely deteriorate. Charlie agrees to go, on the condition that Kate accompany him as backup, despite her dislike of all things babies.

On the six-hour drive, Kate takes great care to remind Charlie that they aren’t a couple, in spite of how everyone at the shower will undoubtedly treat them. Charlie assures her it will be fine, though Kate doesn’t wish to end up like the couples she knows, full of more farts than passion. Meanwhile, Patrick takes Ed out for drinks, attempting to break it to him that his daughter is a lesbian, but Ed assures him that people have been making that mistaken assumption all their lives. Patrick insists she might be afraid to tell her father, which gets Ed thinking about the matter.

Charlie and Kate arrive to the shower, Meredith as predictably hostile as ever, though she does make some genuine effort both to treat Kate nicely, and repair the relationship with her brother. She hopes to get rid of her anger before the baby arrives, but isn’t interested in any of Charlie’s professional help.

Meanwhile at Patrick’s apartment, Ed shows up unable to confront his daughter, and asks Patrick to talk to her for him. When she arrives upstairs, Patrick awkwardly sits her down to assure her Ed Sr. will accept her sexual orientation, though she insists she has no interest in women. Quite the opposite in fact, as she’s been with almost a hundred men, a slightly more palatable shock to her father. Patrick admits to have been projecting what he wanted to see in Ed Jr., and the two agree to drop the matter.

Back at the baby shower, Kate and Charlie reluctantly play the newlywed game, surprisingly winning every round while the more domestic women continue underestimating their husbands’ answers. Meredith takes issue with the fact that Kate has no interest in having children, but Charlie rushes to her defense claiming she helps humanity in other ways through her work. Charlie nearly loses his cool at Meredith’s judgements, backing down with Kate’s help and opting to leave with little more than a few harsh words.

In the car ride back, Kate gets annoyed by Charlie defending her as if they were a couple, though she admits she mostly dislikes that it made her happy. And hey, what better way to prove you’re not a couple than to pull over and have sex by the roadside? Roll credits.

And so, it begins. Taking on the task of reviewing and re-capping each of FX's 90 episodes of 'Anger Management' will prove nothing less than a Herculean task, but one we're hopefully up for. We were certainly harsh on the first season of Charlie Sheen's lifeboat series, but whatever season you'd call tonight's premiere "Charlie Loses It At A Baby Shower" seems a bit more concise, and less labored in its adult humor. We dare say that those looking for the raw Charlie Sheen may find more of a home in 'Anger Management's new episodes, which should be interesting to keep up with given the frenetic 45 episodes per year.

Did you enjoy the premiere of ‘Anger Management,’ or did it make you seethe with rage? Join us next for another all-new ‘Anger Management’ episode recap of "Charlie's Dad Starts To Lose It" on FX!