This Christmas season, two very different movies hit theaters: 'Les Miserables' and 'Django Unchained.' Yet for all their differences, the two are like in one major way: they're both pretty bleak. So stars Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson got themselves in a spirited debate (and by spirited we mean lots of curse words) in what Funny or Die is calling a "Sad Off" and you haven't lived until you've seen Anne Hathaway call Sam Jackson a motherf---er.

Directed by Jackson's daughter, Zoe, this Funny or Die video pits Hathaway against Jackson in an epic Christmas Sad-Off. It's a fairly one-joke premise but one executed to perfection by its soon-to-be-Oscar-nominated stars. For your consideration, these two gems, presented out of context:

"The star of your movie had his own sitcom on The WB."
"OHHH Miss Annie done killed all the little slaves! Where we gon' work now?!"

We've loved Sam Jackson for years and years now but we're new to this whole Anne-Hathaway-is-kinda-awesome thing. She can act and she can sing and she's purty and she's funny? It's almost impossible to not like her.

And, to be honest, Sam Jackson and Anne Hathaway are both pushing movies worthy of your attention this Christmas. As Ms. Hathaway puts it, nothing says Christmas like slaves and whores.

Check out the hilarious 'Les Miserables' vs. 'Django Unchained' Funny or Die video below:

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