So why is Marvel releasing a clip from Ant-Man a month after its release? With the film preparing to hit theaters in China, the studio has put a new clip from the film online — chances are you’ve probably already seen it. In one of the highlights of the film, Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang suits up as Ant-Man and takes on Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. And now you can watch it all over again.

The inclusion of Falcon did feel a little bit like a studio mandate, MCU-connectivity thing, but the fight between Ant-Man and Falcon was still pretty entertaining, showing off a range of the newest Marvel hero’s super-skills. The fight ensues when Scott heads over to Avengers headquarters (against Hank Pym’s warnings) so he can retrieve a piece of tech he needs.

The Avengers cameo ties into the post-credits scene, in which Falcon and Chris EvansCaptain America are struggling a bit with Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier, with Cap noting that Iron Man can’t help them because of “the accords.” Falcon tells him not to worry because he knows “a guy” — that guy is, of course, Ant-Man, tying everything into Captain America: Civil War quite nicely.

Ant-Man doesn’t currently have a DVD / Blu-ray release date. Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

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