Welcome to New York Comic-Con, ‘Archer’ fans! The cast and creative minds behind ISIS and FX’s genre-hopping super-spy comedy ‘Archer’ dropped by the Javits Center to show off the latest footage from season 5, generally crack wise, and give us a taste of where Malory, Sterling, Lana, Cyril, Pam, Carol, Cheryl and Krieger will end up in the coming year! So, what did we learn from ‘Archer’'s big New York Comic-Con 2013 binge?

Fans in attendance were lucky enough to catch the entire season 5 premiere, and suffice to say, some big changes are in store for the ISIS crew. We won’t spoil the most explosive twists, but the ISIS gang will soon be forced to confront their past and future as well, as the agency itself goes down in flames and sees the FBI getting directly involved.

The FBI’s investigation into ISIS will play out some major ramifications for the year, as creator Adam Reed joked about taking the ‘Breaking Bad’ approach to turn Sterling Archer into Scarface! Indeed, it seems the entire gang will separate for their own adventures, with Archer and a very-pregnant Lana taking up the drug baron lifestyle, while Cheryl becomes a country singer, of all things. The unfinished premiere could only offer a storyboard of things to come in its final scene, but all-told, here were the highlights from the ‘Archer’ panel:

  • A special animated presentation kicked off the panel from Archer himself, trying to calm the audience's cheers for a good five minutes. After a bit of back and forth with Pam, Sterling emerges from behind a divider, changed into … Iron Man! Or at least, a sexy Iron Man with an arc reactor for a codpiece.
  • Guest stars for the season will include Gary Cole in a multi-episode arc as an FBI agent, along with a returning Ron Perlman, and likely Christian Slater later in the season. Ron Leibman will be back as Malory’s husband Ron Cadillac, though obviously none too pleased with Malory’s post-ISIS lifestyle.
  • One of the better jokes of the premiere saw Archer struggling to remember the name of Bunson Honeydew, with grave consequences for one ISIS recurring player.
  • Archer with a tiger and a flamethrower? Archer with a tiger and a flamethrower.
  • Ray remained in his wheelchair for the entirety of the premiere, though Reed said his robotic legs would occasionally work, getting him out of the chair as necessary.
  • Asked about the decisions for ‘Archer’ season 5 to so drastically alter the setting, Adam Reed expressed his interest in completely changing up the show, while FX offered their full support once they saw the scripts.
  • Amber Nash will work on the voices, but we may just take a trip to Poovey farms to meet Pam’s family, all played by Nash, ‘Nutty Professor’ style!

We’ll be back with more from New York Comic-Con, and the latest on ‘Archer’ season 5, but what say you? Are you excited to see what FX and the creators cook up for the new season?

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