After a delayed start in 2016, this Thursday will see the Archer gang returning in yet another new role, the days of organized spywork largely behind them. And while we wouldn’t expect “ISIS” to return anytime soon, creator Adam Reed says the team will stick to their new line of private eye work beyond Season 7, while talk of a movie and series’ ending begins to swirl.

For the moment at least, FX has yet to commit to an eighth season of the animated spy private eye comedy, though creator, producer and star Adam Reed tells HitFix he’d certainly want to continue. Recent years have seen each season shifting focus, from the Vice of Season 5 to the CIA contracting of last year, now a West Coast detective agency, and while Reed couldn’t speak to much past Season 7, he did offer “Archer’s going to be a private eye for a while - beyond this season.”

Of course, without an official FX commitment, one wonders what the future of Archer looks like. Reed mentioned repeatedly broaching with FX the possibility of a movie, in which “I think they would probably be reactivated by the government for one world-saving mission. One last, big score,” while Reed has at least some endgame in mind:

It is all mapped out. The mapping started about half way through the writing of this Season 7. I sort of have the end in mind, I just am hoping it’s a long time from now…I don’t want FX to call and go, ‘Hey, so that ending, just do an extra episode this season and make that the end and then get out.’

In addition to the new focus, the new season will feature guest turns from comedian Patton Oswalt as a lawyer, Keegan-Michael Key and J.K. Simmons as Odd Couple investigators, returning Christian Slater, Jon Daly and Jon Glaser, and perhaps even Tom Selleck himself.

You can check out the myriad Season 7 promos below, and stay tuned for the Archer premiere this Thursday.

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