FX’s Archer made up for a late start to the year with an impressive shot-for-shot remake of the Magnum P.I. opening credits, but it seems the Tom Selleck spoof was more than homage. Our first Season 7 details confirm the former spy team will move to California to start a new agency, with guest turns from J.K. Simmons to Patton Oswalt.

Following yesterday’s parody teaser, UPROXX had a chance to speak with the Archer creative team to learn that while Sterling wouldn’t necessarily follow Thomas Magnum’s career verbatim, the homage was in fact intended as a clue of sorts for the direction of Season 7. In order to make ends meet, the entire Archer team will move to Los Angeles to start a detective agency, one run by Cyril at that (the only one with a law degree needed to start a firm).

As such, Archer and Cyril will spend much of the season at odds, the former attempting to accrue the 2000 field hours legally required to start his own agency, and the latter finally having dominion over his agency frenemy. Executive producer Matt Thompson kept mum as to whether Tom Selleck might actually show up in voiceover, though Season 7 won’t lack for guest stars:

We’re going to see two investigators at the edge of a lot of our stories, Keegan Michael Key and J.K. Simmons in an Odd Couple pairing that we’ll have a ton of fun with, because they’re both so great and so funny. Patton Oswalt is also in multiple storylines this year as a dirty, grubby lawyer. Jon Daly, who is one of the funniest people in the world, and Jon Glaser come together in a great story as old friends of Sterling’s.

We’ll still have to wait until March 31 for new episodes (don’t worry, Slater will be back too), but what should we make of the series’ newest direction? Might there be an ending for Archer on the horizon, as its last-renewed season?

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