Wait, what? Earlier today most everyone in the world was overjoyed to learn that 'Arrested Development' had finally begun production on its long-awaited fourth season, but now it seems that fans have another reason to be happy about the upcoming Netflix episodes. Jason Bateman himself tweeted out the first photo from production, but some of the faces look an awful lot like the stars of 'Workaholics,' rather than 'Arrested Development'...

Perhaps we've been so overjoyed to have 'Arrested Development' back at all, that we haven't given much consideration to what new faces might populate the 10-epsode season 4. Courtesy of Jason Bateman's tweeting, we've now got our first look at production featuring 'Workaholics' stars Anders Holm and Adam Devine!

We're guessing it isn't a 'Workaholics' crossover, as both actors appear to be operating behind an airline terminal desk, and Devine doesn't appear to be in any kind of costume. No word if fellow 'Workaholics' star Blake Anderson will have any kind of involvement either. No 'Arrested Development' stars are visible in the shot, but it's believed the season's first episode will focus primarily on Bateman's character Michael Bluth.

As previously mentioned, the new series (debuting on Netflix in its entirety in 2013) will largely follow a format of following one character per episode, though several episodes will feature multiple characters. The 10-episode fourth season of ‘Arrested Development’ is still seen as a potential bridge toward an eventual movie, as teased in the show’s own season 3 finale, though it’s possible that series creator Mitch Hurwitz will continue the series in its episodic Netflix format should the reunion prove successful.

Take a look at the 'Workaholics' stars on the set of 'Arrested Development' season 4 in the photo below, and tell us what you're most excited to see in the comments!

Arrested Development Season 4 Workaholics