It could be a while yet before we learn if 'Arrested Development' will continue on into a fifth season, or potentially even the long-awaited movie, but fans of the legendarily irreverent series needn't wait that long for the next been continuation of the franchise. Now, composer David Schwartz has announced that 'Arrested Development's many songs and original compositions will soon be available on a series-wide soundtrack!

TVGuide first made the announcement, as Schwartz revealed the idea came about when crafting the "Getaway" song heard multiple times across episodes of the Netflix reunion season. "There are hundreds of pieces [that could wind up on the soundtrack], but I think I've cut it down to 40 or 50 so far," Schwartz says of selecting the songs from all four seasons. "I've received so many requests and now I'm trying to whittle it down."

Among those fans of the series can expect to hear atop "Getaway" and the 'Arrested Development' theme itself, a number of tracks from Tobias' knockoff 'Fantastic Four' musical will be present, even if their composure by "Mark Cherry" makes their tune suspiciously familiar to "Getaway." No other songs have yet been confirmed for the release, which will likely make its way to iTunes, but the show certainly has a number of favorites to choose from, everything from "Balls in the Air" to "Teamocil" and of course, "It Ain't Easy Being White."

What say you? Would you want to pick up an 'Arrested Development' soundtrack release to hear some of the classics from all four seasons? Which songs were your favorites?