2013 has been a good year for The CW's 'Arrow,' introducing a host of DC characters like Slade Wilson and Vertigo, played by recognizable genre stars, while coming weeks of the network's Green Arrow adaptation will feature a great many more. Following the tense cliffhanger of this past week's "Betrayal," The CW has released a brand-new trailer for the season, previewing the likes of Colton Haynes' Roy Harper and 'Battlestar Galactica' vet James Callis' The Dodger! Check out the latest looks at the DC players of 'Arrow' inside!

Recent 'Arrow' episode "Betrayal" may have left us on quite a cliffhanger, as Oliver (in the guise of the hooded vigilante) confronted his own mother Moira about her illegal dealings, but it's the characters we've yet to meet that truly drive our anticipation for the coming episodes. The CW has released a new trailer for the coming episodes, which provides our first look at 'Teen Wolf' star Colton Haynes as Oliver's future sidekick Roy Harper, as well as a brief look at 'Battlestar Galactica' vet James Callis as DC villain "The Dodger."

The question remains, will Oliver learn from his mistakes to become a true hero, or operate as little more than an outlaw vigilante to the people of Starling City? And is that Felicity Smoak we spied being brought in on the operation? Plus, it seems Slade Wilson ('Spartacus: War of the Damned's' Manu Bennett) wasn't entirely lying about his black and orange mask, seen facing down his similarly garbed former partner in the footage.

Check out the new trailer below, and tell us what DC characters you're most excited to see in the comments!