Not only is The CW's 'Arrow' enjoying a bullseye of a first season both critically and commercially, but the gritty DC superhero series seems laser-focused on casting the iconic stars of cult sci-fi for guest roles. Recently 'Torchwood's John Barrowman emerged as a major villain, with upcoming turns from 'Fringe's Seth Gabel and 'Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes, but now 'Battllestar Galactica' veteran James Callis will appear on the series as "The Dodger" in 2013. Find out about his mysterious character inside!

Paging Dr. Gaius Baltar back to Vancouver! It seems 'Arrow' has made another impressive genre casting, as TVGuide reports that te CW Green Arrow series has cast 'Battlestar Galactica' veteran James Callis for an upcoming guest stint in a 2013 episode.

Callis will take the role of new Starling City villain "The Dodger," an elusive international jewel thief who "imposes his plans on the innocent, forcing them to carry out his crimes under duress." Apart from a physical resemblance, it isn't known if Callis' Dodger is intended to be the DC comics character of the same name.

‘Arrow’ will debut its mid-season premiere "Burned" on January 16 adding to a season that's featured a growing DC roster of Roy "Speedy" Harper, the “Dark Archer," Deathstroke, The Huntress, China White, Deadshot, The Royal Flush Gang, Firefly, Count Vertigo, and even Blackhawk Squad member Ted Gaynor. Callis' former 'Battlestar Galactica' co-star Tahmoh Penikett also recently appeared on the series in a minor role.

What say you?  Are you excited to see 'Battlestar Galactica's James Callis on the Starling City streets of 'Arrow?' Who else might the show recruit for a guest role?

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