The hallowed halls of the TCA press tour nearly caught fire this afternoon with the assembled casts of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ onstage, both reveling in their recent renewals. Still, with stars and creators in one place, both DC dramas stepped up to reveal new secrets of their 2015 returns, including the true identity of Reverse Flash, our first look at Firestorm, Oliver’s return, and even the potential for another spinoff.

First and foremost, while The CW couldn’t confirm anything just yet, network president Mark Pedowitz did reveal that “preliminary discussions” to expand the show’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ universe have begun. We know at least that this fall will see CW Seed releasing an animated ‘Vixen’ series to co-star the live-action heroes, while Pedowitz said of the proposed ‘Supergirlconnection to the CW dramas:

If [producer Greg Berlanti] can figure it out, we’re open to do it. It’s pretty tough, but we’re open. Greg has to figure it out whether or not he can do it, but I don’t think there’s any restriction to it.

But enough of the hypothetical, what about ‘Arrow’ season 3 and ‘The Flash’'s 2015 return? Producers previewed that Oliver’s apparent death will necessitate Laurel stepping up as the Black Canary to avenge, honor and ultimately become her sister, while Diggle will don the Arrow suit at least once more. Ray Palmer and his A.T.O.M. suit will get in on the action as well, but according to producers, will be “on a slightly different track than the other members of Team Arrow.”

Over on ‘The Flash’ side of the room, displays showed off the first look at Robbie Amell’s Firestorm costume, as well as the presence of Victor Garber as the character’s other half, S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Martin Stein.

And speaking of S.T.A.R. Labs scientists, actor Tom Cavanagh seemed rather cavalier in stating outright that “Yes, I am Reverse Flash,” though producers noted that the deliberate naming of Rick Cosnett’s Eddie Thawne (derivative of Reverse Flash’s comic identity Eobard Thawne) would come into play in the back half of season 1. The CW also suggested that both series would likely keep up end of the year crossovers, akin to the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special.

You can catch the latest trailers for ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’'s 2015 returns below, but what say you? Are you excited by the possibility of The CW expanding its superhero lineup? What do you think of the ‘Flash’-y new reveals? Give us your predictions for DC’s heavy CW hitters in the comments!