Impressively, The CW's 'Arrow' has yet to officially debut its pilot episode, but created a great deal of buzz surrounding the roster of DC characters incorporated over the first season. Some seem more easily toned down to match 'Arrow's' darker, more realistic tone than others, but what of the more outlandish villains? Now that we're forming a clearer picture of the show's villainous Royal Flush Gang, are we any closer to knowing how they'll be adapted?

'Arrow's' Royal Flush Gang has officially found its King, as TVGuide reveals that 'NYPD Blue' alum Currie Graham will take the role as head of the show's playing-card themed gang. Graham's alter ego will be that of Derek Reston, traditionally "Ace" in the comics, but for The CW's version "Ace" will be portrayed by Kyle Schmid as Kyle Reston. The gang will appear as bank robbers in the inagural season's sixth episode, "Legacies."

But how will the gang be adapted, considering the comics tend to portray them as outlandish card-themed villains flying around on playing card-shaped hoverboards? Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells TVGuide, "You'll see...the dynamic of the family and the iconography of the playing cards are going to be there without the supernatural bent. I think we've come up with a really clever way to portray them."

'Arrow' season 1 will also include appearances from DC characters The Huntress, Deadshot and China White, but do you think The Royal Flush Gang will successfully make the transition? Will you tune in for the new series beginning October 10?