Last night's all-new 'Arrow' installment "Unfinished Business" returned 'Fringe' star Seth Gabel's villainous portrayal of "The Count" to the CW's Starling City, albeit a bit shakier than we remember since being given an overdose of Vertigo. His second appearance in the season, "Unfinished Business" put an apparent cap on the character, but could The Count return to menace Oliver Queen once more in season 2? Find out what producers have to say inside!

Seth Gabel has hopped around a bit since his 'Fringe' days as Agent(s) Lincoln Lee, most recently reprising the role of Vertigo-addled 'Arrow' villain The Count. And while Gabel has an attachment to ABC's upcoming pilot 'Gothica,' 'Arrow' producer Marc Guggenheim assured that the door was certainly open for Gabel to return in season 2.

He actually asked as part of his deal to have outs to do Arrow and return on the show. I’m really glad he did that because my wife [Tara Butters] is executive producing that pilot and lord knows I don’t want to be beholden to her. It’s like, 'Honey, I don’t know what to tell you, contractually Seth is able to come back.'

Of course, last night's episode seemingly confirmed that the character had been irreparably ravaged by his overdose of "Vertigo," but Guggenheim assures that the writers have been talking about ways to bring the character back in his former glory.

We might hope for a less hammy portrayal of The Count should Gabel return to the role, but 'Arrow' fans' mileage will vary. What say you? Would you like to see Seth Gabel's villainous Count Vertigo return? What new villains would you like to see in 'Arrow' season 2?