From the moment The CW's 'Arrow' began development, it was clear to DC Comics fans that the show looked to infuse Christopher Nolan's more gritty take on 'Batman Begins' with Green Arrow's surging popularity, organized on a TV budget. Those Nolan influences were continually felt in both tone and homage throughout the show's first season, but will the breakout CW hit change its tone in season 2?

According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim's recent chat with Comic Book Resources, 'Batman Begins' will continue to serve as an inspiration on the series throughout the upcoming second year, as 'Arrow' looks to eventually transform the title character from hooded vigilante to all-out superhero.

"This was always sort of the trajectory we planned. This has always been the first two years of ‘Batman Begins,’" said Guggenheim of the show's multi-season arc. "Right before the show premiered, we had a meeting with the head of the studio and we basically said, it's about going from being the Hood to the Arrow to Green Arrow. We knew all along that it would take us two years to do that."

Of course, even as season 1 finale "Sacrifice" largely wrapped up the journey of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) getting revenge on those who wronged Starling City, the character won't become a wholesome crusader overnight.

The thing that makes me worried is, the show works well because it has darkness to it. It's not gonna be all sunshine and rainbows in Season 2, I don't want people to get the wrong impression that the show is going to abruptly change, tonally. It's actually consistent in its tone even though Oliver has a more ‘Aspirational’ mission.

That "aspirational" mission will see Oliver moving toward a more direct crime-fighting quest than crossing off the names in his father's journal, but for those expecting 'Arrow' season 2 to start moving into 'Dark Knight' territory, Guggenheim's vision of the CW series still has a few more origin points to lay out.

We'll learn more of 'Arrow' season 2 from the upcoming panel at Comic-Con 2013, but in the meantime what say you? Are you excited to see Christopher Nolan influences continue to pop up across the series, or would you prefer Oliver ascend the superhero mantle more quickly? Watch Guggenheim's full interview below, and give us your hopes for 'Arrow' season 2 in the comments!

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