Less than a week has gone by since 'Arrow's' first season finale "Sacrifice," and already fans of the CW superhero drama are eager for a taste of Oliver Queen's next adventures. The finale had only so much time to set up plot points for a second season, so what new villains and DC characters can comic book fans expect to see brought to life for 'Arrow' season 2? Get the inside scoop on next year's big bads inside!

For as thrilling as the final showdown of 'Arrow' season 1 ultimately proved, Malcolm Merlyn's onscreen fate seemingly left Oliver without a big bad to face in season 2 of the CW series. Rather than utilize a cheap ploy to immediately resurrect Oliver's greatest foe, however, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim revealed to TVGuide that 'Arrow' will double down on villains in its second year.

We made no secret of the fact that we subscribe to the Whedonesque model of having a big bad, and in season 2, we'll actually have two big bads. They'll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We're really excited about both of them. With Malcolm and the Dark Archer, we sort of had two big bads in one person. In season 2, we're going to split them up essentially, and there will be a Malcolm-esque big bad and a Dark Archer-esque big bad.

Guggenheim also previewed that Slade Wilson ('Spartacus'' Manu Bennett) would have a large role to play in season 2, exploring his own island crucible of sorts, but Guggenheim kept mum as to whether or not Slade could turn up in the present day. "If the question of season 1 is, 'What happened to Oliver on that island?' The question of season 2 is, 'What happened to Slade Wilson on that island?'"

Well, what say you? Are you excited to learn that at least two major DC villains will menace Starling City in 'Arrow' season 2? What characters would you like to see realized in the CW's vision? Hit the comments with your thoughts on 'Arrow's' future below!

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