This week has seen some major additions to the superhero TV landscape, including new a new Batman and Catwoman for FOX's 'Gotham,' and whatever 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' has been cooking up, but once again, the CW's 'Arrow' goes in for the kill. Check out a fully-realized Deathstroke, the Suicide Squad in action, and the Huntress' return in a new three-minute trailer for the final 'Arrow' installments of the season!

There's a lot to dissect in the new three-minute preview 'Arrow' star Stephen Amell shared to Facebook last night, intermixing footage from past episodes with plenty of new ones, though Manu Bennett's Slade Wilson is working fast to bring a Deathstroke to Oliver Queen, and those he loves. Not only did we see the past Oliver in chains aboard the Amazo freighter, but also developing his salmon ladder skills on the island, while present day Slade makes his move against the Queen family.

In addition to Oliver's multiple battles with Deathstroke, we also see Diggle being introduced to "Task Force X," jokingly lamenting that his new "Suicide Squad" didn't have any spots open for Charles Manson or O.J., among its lineup of Deadshot (Michael Rowe), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) and Shrapnel ('Firefly''s Sean Maher). We also caught glimpses of Jessica de Gouw's vengeful Huntress return, along with Roy still struggling to control his abilities, and an ominous SWAT unit that declares "If they're wearing a mask, they get a bullet!"

See for yourself in the full-length 'Arrow' season 2 trailer above, and don't forget to tune in tonight for the latest installment, "The Promise" on the CW!

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