Just over a week removed from the Arrow Season 4 finale, fans are still awaiting the new big bad to menace Star City (or maybe the entire galaxy this time, for scale), but what of any new heroes? Well, heroes-ish, anyway, as Arrow Season 5 is looking to add a reckless new vigilante to its ranks.

TVLine reported on the next notable vigilante to take aim as a lethal protector, but judging by the description, Oliver might not be so keen on the figure’s methods: “Season 5 will also introduce the recurring role of a cocksure/reckless ex-Marine turned vigilante.”

Granted, the report doesn’t specify if the character shares a DC comics counterpart, or perhaps if the figure would appear in present-day, or the likely Russia-set flashbacks. There’s also the Season 4 flashback mention of “Kovar,” in context described as a villain for Oliver to meet in Season 5, though the actual DC character of Leonid Kovar is more commonly known as Russian patriot superhero “Red Star.” Might we see some adjustment of the character, or perhaps meet the “Kovar” Taiana described as Red Star’s father?

Elsewhere of Season 5, we know that Oliver’s tenure as Star City mayor will pit him against a “charming” new big bad, while Stephen Amell has downplayed the likelihood of The Flash’s time-turning twist affecting any Arrow chronology. We’ll also have Echo Kellum elevated to series regular as Curtis Holt, while Colton Haynes will reportedly return as Roy Harper for a number of episodes.

We’ll likely hear more of Arrow Season 5 on the road to Comic-Con 2016, but what make we of the new heroes and villains joining the ranks?

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