Were it not exciting enough to have Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl all sharing the screen this fall, David Ramsey fans well know that Diggle will have an even harder time adjusting to The CW’s newest super-heroine than he did the Scarlet Speedster. To wit, Ramsey and Stephen Amell even acted out a bit of the crossover, in which Diggle has trouble holding in his Supergirl astonishment.

Take this with a modicum of speculation, but a joint Salt Lake Comic-Con appearance between Arrow stars David Ramsey and Stephen Amell saw the former reliving a bit of his memorable Flash reaction, which saw the stoic “Spartan” tossing his french fries at the very sight of Barry Allen’s speedy powers.

It’s funny too, because the first time I ever meet Flash, Andrew Kreisberg – executive producer of the show – he was sitting in video village, where he watches what’s going on in front of the screen. And he was like, ‘when you see Flash, I want you to just go big’ … So, I did it, and I threw one fry in the air, and he was like ‘no, go crazy big, dude.’ So I threw all the fries in the air, and everybody howled, laughing.

Here’s that scene, for reference:

Diggle’s metahuman astonishment has been something of a recurring gag ever since, but the ex-Team Arrow member may experience an even more physical reaction to Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl soaring up above. Teasing that “maybe he can pee just a little bit,” both Ramsey and Amell seemingly acted out Diggle’s hilarious reaction to seeing Kara Zor-El up, up and away in Arrow’s 100th episode:

That description seemingly follows Ramsey’s earlier tease at this summer’s Heroes & Villains FanFest, wherein the Arrow star claimed:

I wanna see Diggle’s expression when he sees Supergirl flying across the horizon. I want to know what that is … He’s going to pee on himself right there.

The CW has released few details of the actual crossover thus far, other than the likelihood of one common villain uniting all four series, but is Diggle’s reaction to Supergirl worth the price of admission alone? What other landmark moments should we expect from the four-part event?

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