Far be it for them to let NBC steal all the thunder today with their whiplash-inducing list of renewals, pickups and cancellations, The CW has gotten in on the Upfront game once again by announcing five new pickups, in addition to their previously early-renewed series.  Read on to learn who's going to start stockpiling shoes, or filling their quiver next season!

Complementing their earlier news that The CW would renew 'Supernatural,' 'The Vampire Diaries' and '90210' for additional seasons, today we get our first look at the new slate the network will unveil for its original fall programming lineup!  As expected, the network has opted to pick up buzz-worthy frontrunners 'Arrow' and 'The Carrie Diaries,' the former an original, gritty adaptation of DC comics superhero Green Arrow, and the latter a teenage '80s-centric prequel to HBO's iconic 'Sex and the City.'

Joining the two are Kristen Kreuk-starring 'Beauty and the Beast,' a remake of the '80s Linda Hamilton TV series, as well as meta-mystery-thriller 'Cult' and the high school stylized medical drama 'First Cut.'  Still in contention is the fate of 'The Selection,' whose apparent similarities to 'The Hunger Games' may have spooked the network away, though announcements are forthcoming.

'Arrow' stars Stephen Arnell as a darker version of the DC superhero, independent of 'Smallville's take, re-imagining the mythos as a grittier, Jason Bourne-style vigilante tale.  Meanwhile, 'The Carrie Diaries' follows AnnaSophia Robb as a 16 year-old Carrie Bradshaw invited to her first internship in 1984 New York City, falling in love with the city above all else.  Similarly wide-eyed is Mamie Gummer playing Emily Barnes of 'First Cut,' a young medical intern who discovers her first major hospital gig to be surprisingly reminiscent of high school, complete with high school crush Will Rider (ironically, former 'Smallville' Green Arrow Justin Hartley.'

'Beauty and the Beast' stars Kristen Kreuk as Detective Catherine Chandler, a woman haunted by her mother's murder who finds herself protecting a handsome doctor named Vincent Keller, a mysterious man once-thought dead with ties to her past who transforms into a terrifying beast when enraged.  Lastly, 'Cult' stars Matt Davis as Jeff Sefton, a journalist who investigates his brother's disappearance that seems to have ties to a hit TV show that covers a dark underworld.  Spooky!

What say you?  Do any of the five seem worth your time?  Tell us which series you'll watch in the comments!