Not that the series itself has lacked for red-hooded archers, Arrow fans are eagerly awaiting Colton Haynes’ return as Roy for this week’s “Unchained,” the character hopefully keeping out of that grave we’ve seen teased all season. Our first clip has arrived, and it seems more than Roy’s life is at stake: There’s also Oliver’s identity, and the internet itself.

Our first look at Roy’s Arrow return sees the ex-archer awakening in the new lair, apparently a respite from the enigmatic “Calculator” directing his every move. Roy notes that the DC villain threatens to undo the ruse last year which (improbably) cast suspicion away from Oliver Queen’s true identity, also plotting to destroy the internet. Not cool, man.

So reads the full Arrow synopsis for “Unchained”:

ROY HARPER RETURNS; NYSSA MAKES HER MOVE — The team faces off against a formidable villain nicknamed The Calculator (guest star Tom Amandes). Meanwhile, Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) makes her move and Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes) returns to Star City.

You can check out the latest trailer for Roy’s return and beyond below, and stay tuned for the latest Arrow.

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