Most Arrow news of late has kept one foot in its upcoming Flash crossover with the Legends of Tomorrow, but 2016 will bring some fan-flipping-tastic news for Roy Harper fans. Colton Haynes has confirmed his return for Season 4, but what brings Roy back to Star City this time?

Haynes himself tweeted out the news, though producers have not yet offered any details of the character’s return. When last we saw Roy, Thea followed him out of town for one last goodbye, after he’d taken the fall as the original Arrow, and faked his death in prison to spare the rest of the team.

Of course, Thea’s been wearing his duds ever since, having (begrudgingly) taken the name “Speedy” in her Team Arrow role, leaving it open to suggestion if Roy might take up another identity (he’s already used “Arsenal”), or make an un-costumed assist. In the meantime, says Marc Guggenheim of the return:

We are beyond thrilled that Colton will be returning to Arrow this season. It was always our intention to have him return following his departure last season, but it was a matter of finding the right story line to pull it off. That opportunity presented itself in episode 412 and we can’t wait for the fans to see this reunion.

In the meantime, Arrow will stage the second part of its upcoming crossover with “Legends of Yesterday,” preceding the final episode of 2015, “Dark Waters.” Feel free to speculate what brings about Roy’s return, and how many flips we can expect this time!

Arrow Roy Flips

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